• Rock Mining ERP

    Our Rock Mining ERP is a great opportunity to discover, define and streamline your business processes and make them effective. Our solution allows the data to be centralized; removes data duplication and data entry errors are minimized and helps improve business processes. Every organization needs to deal with a lot of challenges in its growth path that requires it to have a professional management, an internal hierarchy and also many procedures. This stage of the company life cycle is an advantageous opportunity and an important step along with Atum IT – Rock Mining system implementation that has three components:

    Web based solution:

    Users can access application from anywhere through simple infrastructure. All remote sites can access through internet and the MIS can be drawn online through an authorized application access

    Custom Solution

    Provides default applications in accordance with best practices of granite mining industry and helps facilitate the client specific requirement

    Online Information

    Provides online information in accordance with business requirements across different levels and a single click MIS offers complete enterprise information

    Another key feature of our ERP solution is the seamless integration of finance department on a single platform with all other organization departments like production, purchase, inventory management, operations & maintenance and sales & distribution.

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